poniedziałek, 25 marca 2013

Project 350km - eng.

Many people thinks, that walking 350 km with disposable bad as a storage sounds easy.
There were many cases in history of people walking longer distances with lower amount of things.
The plan is to perform it as fast as possible in time lower than 10 days.
Winter record for this trail is 7 days and 45 minutes.
As you know project assumes no backpack policy, I'll post article about ultralight backpack very soon.
Sleeping bag - for this project guys are assuming 1 kg or less.
Instead of tent they'll get military ponchos (500g)
There will be set of about particular things taken

I'm not attaching separate link to post on project page as  FB is showing that I shared link while more important is this info (anyway - in Polish only)

Polska Wersja na "supertactical.pl / przygotowania" specjalnie nie daje linku bo ten głupi Facebook pokazywałby, że tylko link wysyłam a posty są na bloga i na FB