niedziela, 24 marca 2013

Project 350km - in english

Update in English as there was nothing in here.
Two guys from Survivaltech (Polish survival school) are planning to walk 350 km of Polish coast.
Sounds not interesting, but the way they are going is quite extraordinary.
Thing is NOT to get backpack, sleep in hotels, feed in restaurants.
They are planning to use disposable plastic bags to carry equipment and food.
They will get water from rivers.
They will sleep on a sea shore.
They are NOT planning to stop for shopping :)

Why ?
To show, that there is no need for all those expensive gear when you love some adventure.

When ?
Plan is to start on 9th of April  2013 from Świnoujście (just copy and paste into Google Maps)
And reach Hel on 18 of April.

(info for people who are not sure how to check on the map where it is,  there are no wild bears in northern Poland)

Project page is here:

If there will be no updates in English on project page - I'll update here

Nie było po angielsku a Turystyka Praktyczna jest patronem medialnym projektu.