piątek, 29 marca 2013


Po polsku było o butach tu:

As there is post on Project 350km about shoes and there was a post here about shoes. I decided to translate it or rather write it again in English.

While looking for shoes for trekking/hiking/backpacking activities
every person comming to shoe shop can say - "my feet is non standard".

Mass production defined shoe numbers for feet length but each feet with same length is different.
Shoes are extremely individual so it's hard to give an advise but I can share my opinions based on my  experience.
I'm not fan of membrane in shoes, mostly cause when your shoes are dirty or completely wet - membrane is not working.

Best breathable material for shoes is leather even when wet and dirty.
There are multiple models based on Cordura.
Cordura has one huge disadvantage, is not elastic and is not forming to Your feets.
There was once, ages ago, when Cordura was OK for me, but producer changed designer and now I can't find such shes which are OK for me.

So, let's stay with leather shoes,

Assuming that we bought nice leather hiking shoes, what's next ?
Some of people are putting some water repellent on it and store them in wardrobe.
This is not the best idea.
I would advise to put them in water for a night, put some stones over it.
Next day - using two pairs of socks - put them on and walk a fewe hours until they are dry.
If they are not dry day after next day - do the same.
When dry - put water repellant on then some shoe wax.
Your trekking shoes are ready :)
All above was to make them perfect for Your feets in fastest possible way.

There is second way to prepare shoes for trekking/hiking.
You need to wear them for a few months every day.

Picture:  - my trekking shoes in a water